Monday, December 23, 2013

Jersey Landscaping: Deciding Which Commercial Property Maintenance Services You Need

Whether you own or rent your commercial property, maintenance services are crucial all year ‘round – not just in the warmer months. Without proper maintenance, you could find your property irreparably damaged by the elements; not only do these damages take a long time to fix, but they can be costly as well. To get the best commercial property maintenance services for your space, make note of the following:

1.       The size of the property. Not all commercial landscapers will services smaller lots, and not all of the companies out there can handle a lot of acreage. You want to choose contractors who are willing, able and happy to work with you based on the amount of land you have.
2.       The applicable laws. In New Jersey, commercial property owners must clear out their parking lots and curbs within 48 hours after a snowstorm. If you have parking available at your commercial property, maintenance services after a storm are a necessity. Make sure you fully understand the laws regarding your responsibilities before you hire any company.
3.       Your sprinkler system. See how many sprinkler heads you have, where they’re placed, and whether or not any of them have had problems in the past (such as leaking, or being stuck underground). It’s a good idea to speak with a company who has a licensed irrigation contractor on staff to discuss your options. Ultimately, you’ll need to winterize your sprinkler system, but it helps you understand what that means.
4.       The likelihood of flooding. Speak with an irrigation contractor about preparing your property for potential flooding. If your business doesn’t have flood insurance, it’s a good idea to look into purchasing some. After Super Storm Sandy, we all learned that it’s better to be over-prepared than under-prepared.
5.       Your final budget. While no one likes to discuss money, your commercial landscapers need to know exactly how much you can spend – and whether there’s any wiggle room for contingencies, such as broken lines (gas or water), electrical shortages (by cut power lines or by aging electrical systems) or acts of nature. Consider purchasing additional insurance for your commercial property, so maintenance services will be covered no matter what happens.

The Benefits of Hiring Professional Commercial Landscapers

It may be tempting to hire a lawn care company or a residential contractor to handle your needs, as many of those companies charge less. But in these cases, a penny saved is rarely a penny earned. Commercial properties require different kinds of services and knowledge than residential properties do, and you want a landscaper who knows what they are. In NJ, all commercial landscapers must be licensed, whereas some lawn service companies may not be. Furthermore, commercial property maintenance services incorporate:

  • An understanding of how accessibility impacts your business 
  •  Having proper insurance and licensing required for working on commercial properties 
  • The amount of “man hours” necessary to fulfill your needs into their calculations for the price of those services

To protect your property this winter, speak to a landscape and irrigation contractor who specializes in commercial properties. You’re ensuring the best possible care for your company when you choose commercial landscapers for the job as opposed to anyone else.

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