Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jersey Landscaping: Talk to Your Landscaper about Fall Plantings, Maintenance and Ideas

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t make use of your landscaper. We’re brimming with ideas about how to make your landscaping design beautiful and sustainable throughout the entire year. So with the cooler months fast, approaching, we thought you might like to know what kind of questions to ask your landscaper — and what types of tips and tricks we have for maintain your space.

1.       Ask about credentials first. Not all landscaping companies have the right experience for your space. So when you’re looking into professional landscaping, ask how many customers they have in the area.  You want someone who knows the soil, the water table, the types of local plants and trees, and so on.
2.       Ask about yearly services. Sustainable landscape design is about the long haul, not the short term. When you work with a landscaper, ask him/her what kind of services the company offers for fall plantings and maintenance, not just what the contractors will do in the spring.
3.       Ask about fall lawn care. When the rains fall, you could get puddles on your lawn. This puddling will rot the roots of your grass. So ask your landscaper about aeration services, as well fertilization and seeding services.  Even though it seems odd to seed your lawn in fall, since the winter months will soon be here, but a thick, healthy lawn begins long before the growing season.
4.       Ask about bulbs. Not every flower that blooms in spring should be planted in spring. If you’re a fan of spring bulbs, talk about incorporating them into your landscaping design in the fall. Then you can be sure that they’ll spout right in time.
5.       Ask about your shrubbery. Some flowering shrubs need extra TLC in the winter, because they’re a bit too delicate for colder weather.  If you’re unsure whether you need to wrap your shrubs, ask your landscaper.  Better yet, see if there are landscaping companies that are willing to wrap them for you as part of your yearly service package.
6.       Ask about your hardscaping. Just because your patios and walkways aren’t alive doesn’t mean they don’t need some care, too! For a sustainable landscape design, see what preparatory services your landscape contractors offer for retaining walls, decks and driveways. You might only need a power wash — or you might need a coat of sealant.
7.       Ask about tree trimming. Overreaching boughs and branches are not only unattractive, but they can cause a safety hazard. Ask your landscaper about removing unwanted branches and limbs before it gets too chilly, so you can avoid potential damage during harsh winter storms.

Your landscaping design doesn’t have to hibernate this fall: let us help you keep your home beautiful throughout the entire year! For more landscaping design ideas, give Jersey Landscaping, LLC a call. We’ll help you plan the right course of action for your yard, so that you’re all ready for spring. And if you’re looking to increase your time outdoors into three seasons, we can help there too. Ask us about our outdoor landscaping designs involving fire pits, outdoor kitchens and brick ovens. From lawn care to remodeling, we’re always ready to help!

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