Thursday, September 5, 2013

Jersey Landscaping: Choosing Among New Jersey Landscape Designers

There are a lot of New Jersey landscape designers advertising on TV and on the Internet, so we understand it can be hard to choose. Do I choose the local guys? Do I choose by price? Do I choose the most established team?

When it comes time to narrow down your list of New Jersey landscape designers to just one company, ask your candidates some of these questions:

1.       Are you licensed and insured? Any company offering landscaping services in NJ worth its salt will be both. You want to choose a company that has gone through the proper channels to obtain a license and insurance, which protects you and them.
2.       Who will be working on my yard? Many landscapers in New Jersey hire sub-contractors to do their work. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it may even save you a few dollars — but it’s best to know who’s doing your landscaping work. Before hiring ANY landscaping services in NJ, ask your potential candidates who you will be dealing with, and how often you should expect to see those exact people.
3.       Do you handle installation and maintenance, too? There are a lot of New Jersey landscape designers who do just that — design.  But whether you’re looking for a new sprinkler system or a brand new backyard, you’ll want to hire a company that offers you more option. For residential landscaping needs, seek out a company that will walk you through the process.  If you need commercial landscaping, ask the designer to work up a schedule for inspecting your space.
4.       Is there anything you DON’T do? Some landscapers in New Jersey will only care for your lawn; others will build complete structures.  Some aren’t prepared to work around gas lines; others may be licensed to install cooking and heating features that utilize those lines.  Once you figure out which landscaping services your NJ home needs, you can eliminate companies that are less experienced (or inexperienced) in providing those crucial elements.
5.       Where do you get your materials? Not all landscapers in New Jersey will use locally-sourced flowers, plants and stone, and some won’t use anything but that.  The types of plants and trees you want can affect the price of your design, too, so it’s important to know all of your options beforehand.


Choosing the Right Landscaping Services from NJ Companies

Now that you’ve chosen the right company for your commercial or residential landscaping needs, it’s time to get to the “fun” stuff: the actual design itself! As it turns out, we designers have some pretty important questions for you, too. Every home and business owner is different, of course, and we know that you probably want something reflective of your unique needs and spaces.  But we also know that the type of space you have plays a part in designing the best space for you.  That’s why the best New Jersey landscape designers will probably ask:

·       What kind of space are you looking for? What is it you want to do? Someone who wants a rolling green lawn will have different requirements than someone who needs a retaining wall.
·       How do you wish to use your space? Maybe you’re envisioning an outdoor kitchen area for entertaining, or a butterfly garden to induce tranquility.
·       Are you interested in security features? It might seem odd that landscaping services in NJ include a measure of security, but it’s pretty commonplace.  If you have a lot of large trees or shrubbery, or if you have walkways or an uneven yard, lighting fixtures like solar patio lights, hanging lamps or uplights can make your yard safer for guests, lower your risk for home intrusion and add an air of sophistication. (They also make it easier to find your keys when you’re coming home later at night.)
·       What’s your budget? We know that talking about money isn’t easy, but it’s important. Once our New Jersey landscape designers know what the budget is, we can easily work within it to create an outdoor space in the style you want.

Landscaping services in NJ are as varied and as unique as you are.  If you’re looking for some ideas, check out the photo gallery at Jersey Landscaping for some ideas.  We’re always ready to answer any questions you might have to choose the best design for you.


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