Monday, August 12, 2013

Jersey Landscaping: The Benefits of Custom Landscaping

The best kinds of custom landscaping designs aren’t necessarily the ones with the most flair or the wildest structures: they’re the ones that highlight the beauty that already exists. That’s not to say that brand new custom landscaping isn’t a lot of fun, because it absolutely is — for homeowners and designers alike. But the key to a great NJ landscape design is working with your outdoor space to create something fresh that will give you a yard you’ll love.

How NJ Landscape Design Enhances Natural Beauty

There’s more than just grass and trees to your outdoor spaces and landscaping companies know it. Instead of the more traditional flowerbed, why not try:

·         Natural “fencing.” It can be hard to stand out if you live in a development with specific model homes. To set off your outdoor space, designers may recommend planting bamboo or hedges around the property.  It’ll give you the privacy you want while creating a more natural-looking environment.
·         Stone walls to add depth. Let’s say you have a hill — a steep one — in your yard.  A natural bluestone wall or rock wall design can purposely set off the hill, creating a multi-tiered look to your yard.
·         Creating your own seaside resort. Planting in sandy or marshy soil can be tricky. But a NJ contractor experienced in this kind of outdoor spaces landscaping knows which plants will thrive, and which will barely survive. And by using plants and bushes local to the area, you not only create a sustainable space, but you’ll have a custom landscaping design that looks and feels more natural.
·         Water features with exotic fish. When you want a twist on the traditional look, it’s time to get fishy. Koi ponds are not only beautiful, but they add a touch of the exotic to your NJ landscape design.  Depending on your space and your budget, you can add a small pond to a corner of the yard, or create a more designed water feature which runs the length of your yard. They’re especially beautiful in yards with lots of trees, though a good outdoor space designer ensure that your pond is beautiful no matter the type of yard you have.

What About When You Love the Outdoor Spaces Landscaping You Already Have?

Not interested in changing your space? Love the yard you have? Consider giving it a facelift. You can use custom landscaping services even if you won’t want to change your yard at all. Talk to your NJ landscape designer about:

·         Adding a stone path from one living space to another
·         Installing uplights along an existing walkway for a more intimate look
·         Adding solar lights to existing decks to extend their nighttime use
·         Planting new flowers in existing beds designed to attract birds or butterflies
·         Creating a pool patio that matches your back patio
·         Lining front porches with berry bushes or cucumber plants (which will “crawl” in a less invasive way than ivy)

Whether you want a brand new yard or you want to enhance what you already have, there’s a design that’s right for you.  Give JerseyLandscaping, LLC a call to see what works for you. You’ll always speak with an outdoor space design contractor who works with you to create the space you want. Because when it comes to custom landscaping, we’ve always got you covered.

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