Monday, December 23, 2013

Jersey Landscaping: Lighting Installation and Maintenance are Essential Commercial Landscape Services

Business owners who invest in commercial landscape services with a professional, licensed company often turn a bigger profit than those who don’t. A crucial element to any design is outdoor lighting. Companies often emphasize the beauty of well-designed lights, but the benefits of installing those lights are myriad.  For the best possible return on your investment, and to keep your customers both happy and safe, put lighting at the top of your commercial landscape services wish list.

How Professional Outdoor Lighting Companies Can Grow Your Business

Just how important are the right lights? According to most landscape contractors, they can make or break your business.

1.       They protect your property. Aside from the aesthetics, commercial landscape lighting helps guide foot traffic at any time of day or year. Like day lights in a car, lit paths and walkways make walking on your property safer.  This indirectly influences people to stay away from the grass, and will unconsciously guide them to the door.
2.       They keep your clients and building safe. Security lights have come a long way from blinding spotlights. Landscape contractors can build those security lights into the overall design of your landscape, making them less conspicuous while still being effective. This protects your clientele from potential criminals, and will deter people from vandalizing your property.
3.       The increase your desirability. Commercial landscape services increase your curb appeal. That increase in appeal, however, has been directly linked to an increase in clientele. Much like people are drawn to restaurants with attractive d├ęcor, people are also drawn to properties that are beautiful. Depending on the type of property you have, outdoor lighting companies can create illumination spots designed to draw people into your space.
4.       They may increase productivity. Beautiful landscape does wonders for your employees, too. It can keep them calm, and can encourage them to linger on the property. Commercial landscape lighting can create safe havens outdoors for your employees to enjoy during breaks. It also makes them feel safer when they’re locking up for the night and walking out to their cars or to a bus.

Speak to Landscape Contractors about Different Lighting Options

Once you make the smart decision to use lights as part of your landscape, you should work with your outdoor lighting companies to choose the best types of lights for your needs. You options include:

·         Up lights along pathways, for increased visibility
·         Low lights along your shrubbery or trees
·         Modern LED lights in an array of colors
·         Old-fashioned street lights for a more traditional feel
·         Lighting water features or sculptures designed to draw the eye
·         Solar lights for more eco-conscious designs

Regardless of which commercial landscape services you need for your company, make sure a lighting design is part of them. Choose a contractor who can not only install the lights, but who is skilled enough to incorporate them into the overall feel of the landscape. Your clients – and your employees – will thank you.

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