Sunday, May 5, 2013

Jersey Landscaping: Landscape Design in Monmouth County, NJ

Starting fresh with your landscape design for your Monmouth County home or business can prove to be a little intimidating at first. With any space you are trying to design, whether inside or outside of your home, envisioning how the end result will turn out can be a bit of a challenge. But at JerseyLandscaping, LLC, one of our central Jersey landscaping designers can help you design your backyard oasis in no time. There are many landscaping ideas you can use in your backyard. Why not consider some of these?

·    Stone Pavers: Not all backyard designs have to require a lot of maintenance. With stonepavers you can design a low maintenance, rustic ambiance for the ideal outdoor living area. One of the best parts of stone pavers, is they fit virtually any budget. If you are trying to watch your outdoor space project’s budget, traditional mason brick is budget friendly and offers a warm touch. And when it’s installed by licensed New Jersey landscape contractors, you have the added protection of knowing they’ll be done right.
·    Fountains and water designs: There is nothing like relaxing after a long day by an outdoor fountain. The gentle trickling of water on river rock will carry you off to a place of serenity and balance. Or to add a little extra nature to your backyard, consider a Koi pond, where you can watch the magnificent multi-colored fish swim for hours and lure you into their world for a little while.
·    Entertaining: The best part about living where we do is the access to all four seasons, If entertaining guests outdoors for a barbeque or a few cocktails is your summer ritual, consider installing a large deck with an outdoor kitchen. Add some energy efficient outdoor lighting for a relaxing vibe when entertaining in the evenings. If you’re a secret snow bunny, think about adding an outdoor pizza oven or fire pit. When it comes to landscape design in Monmouth County, NJ, you can create a yard that’s perfect in every season!
·    Hedges: Hedges, trees, shrubs or bamboo! Oh my! These are all magnificent ideas if you want to fill in large areas or create natural outlining sections to your outdoor living space.  If Central Jersey landscaping is the location in question, hedges and the aforementioned foliage is perfect because it will survive the colder climate.
·    Flowers: Why not add a little color to your yard? While you’re at it, you can plant peony, purple coneflower, petunias and many other that will attract butterflies into your new backyard. Flowers bring a wide array of colors and help increase your mood and overall well-being.  You can also add to the aroma of your backyard living space by planting roses, honeysuckle and many other fragrant flowers.

New Jersey Landscape Contractors Know the Area Best

Because of the unique layout of Monmouth County, you’re better off seeking the professional help of a central Jersey landscaping company, as opposed to one that serves the north or south.  The soil in this part of the state varies from town to town — and sometimes from development to development!  If you live closer to the shore line, a sandy mix in your soil may make certain designs more difficult (or more expensive). And some parts of Monmouth County have rocky soil, which can be tougher to work with if you’re trying to plant larger flora in your yard. 

Your best bet is to always seek the help of professional New Jersey landscape contractors.  We know which towns have the highest water tables, which developments may need more trees to anchor the soil, and which boroughs are best for planting delicate flowers as opposed to hearty bamboos. So if you’re looking for fresh new landscaping in Monmouth County, NJ, turn to the pros.  This way, you’re guaranteed to have an exciting new look that not only works for you, but also works for your home.

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