Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jersey Landscaping: Extend your Nights with an Outdoor Fireplace

The Right Outdoor Fireplace Design Makes All the Difference

Summertime is all about being outside for as long as possible — and the right outdoor fireplace design can add a few more precious hours to the mix. A fire feature like a custom outdoor fireplace not only adds value to your home: it lets you extend your day for as a long as you’d like. And at Jersey landscaping, LLC, we make sure you’ll get to do it in style.

Extend Your Summer Hours in Style with a Custom Outdoor Fireplace

Aesthetics are important to any outdoor living space, of course.  But the functionality of a custom outdoor fireplace is just as important. The best outdoor fireplace designs create cozy nook for you and your loved ones to enjoy during any time of the year.

There are innumerable benefits to adding fire features in your yard. We’ve got a few of them right here;

·         Let there be light. The most obvious benefit to any fireplace is the added light it creates. If you live in an area where the street lights are spaced far apart, or where there is a lot of tree coverage, a fireplace can brighten up the yard. We landscapers in NJ know that the brighter yards means more livable yards, so we’re sure you’ll spend more time in yours if you have a spot that’s more brightly lit.
·         Baby, it’s cold outside. Even summer nights can be a bit nippy. Both portable and built-in outdoor fireplaces will keep you warm as the temperature drops.  Plus, you’ll have the added bonus of spending time outside long after the mosquitos have gone to bed.
·         The sky’s the limit. The backs of homes aren’t always as architecturally exciting as the fronts: it’s a fact. But the right outdoor fireplace design can break up the monotony of a long back wall with the help of a chimney. The elongated chimney adds a nice focal point to any outdoor space design.
·         Blowin’ in the wind. During our many years as landscapers in NJ, we’ve noticed that the one pitfall of fire features is that on windy nights, the smoke can be a bit much. But with a built-in outdoor fireplace, the smoke is directed upwards to the chimney. That means that you can extend your time outside on windy evenings, too, because you can sit closer to the fire without getting smoke in your eyes. (This is especially nice if you wear glasses or contacts.)

The cool thing about outdoor fireplace designs is that they can work for any space — and on any budget.

·         Portable Outdoor Fireplaces. Have a smaller yard? Aren’t sure if you want to commit? Consider a pre-fabricated fireplace. The portability means that you can move it around the yard to find the best spot. Good landscapers in NJ will tell you, though, that’s it’s probably best to keep it on a patio: patios are more even, and you wouldn’t want it to tip over.
·         Built-in Outdoor Fireplaces. Have a larger yard? Looking to create an outdoor living area? These permanent structures are a great place to start. You can build one yourself, of course, but it’s best to let a licensed contractor do it. We can create a wood-burning fireplace or one that hooks into your main gas line.
·         Custom Outdoor Fireplaces. Designed for every budget, a custom fireplace is the perfect choice for new homeowners or those with existing landscaping. By customizing your fire features, you’re guaranteed to get exactly what you want — and guaranteed to be the only person on the block who has it.

The right outdoor fireplace design adds depth to any yard and value to any home. But the best part is that it allows you to keep using your yard long after the sun has gone down. If you want to get the most use out of your yard throughout the year, give us a call. Our landscapers in NJ will help you choose the best fireplace for your needs.


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