Saturday, April 6, 2013

Jersey Landscaping: Vacation at Home: Upgrade your Outdoor Landscaping

The ultimate vacation is only as far as your backyard — so it’s time to take a look at your outdoor landscaping. Is it up to par for your “staycation,” or is it missing that something special? If you’re ready to make your backyard pop, we’ve got some terrific ideas for fresh, new outdoor space designs that offer both flair AND function.

The perfect staycation landscape design installation can involve:

·         Building an outdoor kitchen
·         Installing a natural stone patio around the pool
·         Creating a butterfly or bamboo garden
·         Adding a water feature like a pond or fountain
·         Placing footpaths around the yard for leisurely strolls
·         Building a rock wall or a man-made lagoon for the ultimate in luxury

By upgrading your outdoor landscaping to include features that you’ll actually use, you’re making sure your home-based vacation can continue year ‘round.

Your Outdoor Space Design Makes All the Difference

A good outdoor space design is one that can be used easily and fluidly. The very best designs let you utilize your entire yard without making you feel overwhelmed. Any landscape design installation should consider the following:

1.       The size and shape of your yard. You want to create an outdoor living space that fits — not just in terms of acreage, but also in terms of your natural landscape.  If you yard has hills, natural stone walls and pathways can add some structure.  If your yard is a bit small, you may want to scale down a larger idea to fit your space.  Instead of a full-blown outdoor kitchen, consider a brick fire pit with comfortable seating around it, to create a cozy conversational space.
2.       Where your gas and water lines are. Of course any landscape design installation involves marking the lines to avoid breaking them – but it will also influence where your new structures may go.  If your gas line runs next to your home, it could be expensive (and time consuming) to put your new grill on the opposite side of the yard.  If you want to incorporate a lot of trees into your new outdoor landscaping, you’ll need to make sure the roots won’t harm your water lines.
3.       What your favorite outdoor activities involve. If you hate to grill, then an outdoor kitchen might not be a good idea.  Instead, think about adding a pizza oven to your outdoor space design.  Now you can have dinner and a show right in the comfort of your backyard.  If you’re looking to decompress, a garden with comfortable seats can allow you to escape from the everyday without ever leaving your yard.
4.       Who will use the yard the most? Is your staycation a solitary affair, or do you plan on inviting friends and family to stay?  Does your family involve small children, or will there be teenagers lounging out back?  When you create an outdoor living space, it’s important to think about who will benefit from it. If you’re looking for a family-friendly vacation, consider adding features the whole group can use.  If you’re looking to entertain large groups, make sure you have enough space for people to move comfortably. And if you’re looking for time to simply decompress, choose a design that soothes and inspires you.

This year, treat yourself to the ultimate home-based vacation in your very own yard. Your outdoor landscaping should offer you everything a resort would: a fun, friendly place where you can forget about your job and your errands, and relax in any way you want.

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