Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jersey Landscaping: Increasing Home Values with Outdoor Kitchens

Now that the economy is starting to turn around, home owners are giving serious thought to the increasing home values — and what they can do, as sellers, to get in on the action. For homeowners looking to sell during the nicer months, adding custom outdoor kitchens could be the difference between homes that sell quickly, and homes that don’t sell at all. But superior outdoorkitchen construction is best done by the professionals, and finding a contractor who fits your needs should be the most important part of the process.

If increasing your home’s value with an outdoor kitchen is on your mind, then we have some tips and tricks that are bound to help you out.

The Merits of Custom Outdoor Kitchens: What Every Home Seller Should Know

Outdoor kitchen construction isn’t a weekend project – especially if you’re looking to increase the value of your home.  There are some simply outdoor kitchen design ideas that can be done in a few days, but you still want to speak with a licensed and insured contractor about installing one.  The benefits of an outdoor cooking space can’t be denied.

1.       It’s a great spring and summer selling point. New Jersey homeowners are lucky, because we get to enjoy all four seasons. But if you’re selling your home in the winter, an outdoor kitchen might not help you.  If you’re considering an upgrade, think about when you want to put your home on the market first, before starting the project.
2.       It can be cheaper than a new indoor kitchen. Depending on what you’re planning, you may be able to build a new outdoor kitchen for less money than it would costs to redo your entire indoor kitchen.  If you have the budget, consider outdoor kitchen design ideas that involve a pizza oven: it looks great, and watching the cheese bubble up can be pretty entertaining – especially for kids.
3.       It should match your landscaping. If your yard is decorated with bamboo and natural wood, then a brick outdoor kitchen will look out of place. If you’re really concerned about increasing your home value, build a kitchen that blends with your design — although we recommend concrete or stone for the countertops, regardless of what your yard looks like.
4.       It needs the basics. You’ll still need a refrigerator, a sink with running water and a cooking space. But the greatest thing about custom outdoor kitchens is that they’re designed with your needs in mind.  You can add a bar sink, extra grilling spaces – even a dishwasher. You can even direct the run-off water into your flowerbeds, providing that you don’t use detergents in the sink.
5.       It’s supposed to be fun. Remember how much fun barbeques were when you were kids? Our door eating spaces are supposed to be fun! It doesn’t matter if it’s just you and a loved one or a yard filled with people: the best outdoor kitchens are the ones that invite games, storytelling and a well-cooked meal — just like the indoor kitchen you remember from childhood. If your outdoor space has the same amount of warmth and personality as your home, no seller will be able to resist it.

In short, outdoor kitchen construction can do a lot for increasing your home’s worth on the market, provided you plan accordingly.  Hiring the services of a trusted local construction company is the first step in building the outdoor space you want. Consulting with a landscape designer can ensure that your new kitchen not only blends with your yard, but also with your neighborhood. You’ll be on your way to increasing your home’s value in no time!

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