Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Jersey Landscaping: Preparing for Spring Landscaping After the Storm

After months of storm damage cleanup, we’re turning our thoughts to how we can best handle people’s spring landscaping needs. We know that as a home or business owner in New Jersey, clean up is probably your first priority – but the weather will be warm before you know it, and prepping for spring takes time. 

Since spring is the season of renewal, we’re offering some ideas for landscaping clean up that can help you feel good about the year to come.

·         Be brush and debris free. Regardless of the amount of damage you may have sustained during the storms this year, great spring landscaping starts with a clean foundation.  Damaged or dying bushes or shrubs should probably be rooted out — both for your protection and for increased space in which to work.
·         Trim those trees. Even if your trees are still swaying majestically, it’s probably time for a trim. Removing dead limbs and branches is an important part of landscaping clean up, because it allows the trees to grown in a healthy fashion — and neatens up your outdoor space nicely.
·         Gather up the leaves. It’s easy to ignore dead leaves in the winter: they’re not really “hurting” anything, right?  But once those leaves get wet and mushy, they can start to do some damage to your lawn.  As part of our landscape clean up services, we’ll remove the leaves from your yard and flowerbeds, ensuring that there won’t be any trouble during the growing season.
·         Don’t forget fertilizer. Depending on the kind of flora you have, you might need to start fertilizing it early.  Your spring landscaping plans should include contacting your maintenance company to see if fertilizer needs to be applied.
·         Think about mulch. Like fertilizer, mulch can be an important part of keeping your yard looking fresh and healthy.  Because of the nature of the materials, a lot of much was swept away during the storm — and by home and business owners in New Jersey doing their own clean up. Make sure to discuss your missing mulch with a landscape designer: you may need more for your spring flowers.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, it’s okay: Jersey Landscaping, LLC offers full landscape clean up services throughout the state. We’ll take care of everything, from raking leaves to trimming trees to replacing — or adding — new pavers and retaining walls.  And because we’re home-grown, so to speak, you never have to worry about us using the wrong materials. We know the soil, the stones and the flowers that will work best for you and your home.  Together, we’ll rebuild your yard into the paradise you always wanted.

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