Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jersey Landscaping: Terrific Hardscape Designs Make a World of Difference

The holidays are almost here, but spring is never far away — which means it’s never too soon to think about adding some natural looking hardscape designs to your yard. At Jersey Landscaping, LLC, our designers create custom hardscape landscaping for customers who really want their yards to “pop.”

Not sure if a hardscape landscape design will work for you? Let me tell you why it’s a terrific idea for any yard!

1.       It’s a year-long addition. Unlike flowers, hardscape designs don’t slumber through the winter.  So even when it’s cold and grey, your yard will still look beautiful. And because they’re so durable, it doesn’t take much care to keep them looking great season after season.
2.       They add texture to any landscape. Not that I don’t love a rolling green lawn — I do; I really, really do — but after a while, they start to blend together.  With hardscape landscaping, you can break up the monotony of all that green by having adding in some natural stone for color and show.
3.       It really showcases your exiting landscape. Most residential landscaping ideas revolve around flowers or plants.  But a low stone wall or some beautiful Bluestone pavers can really emphasize what you already have. And because natural stone looks, well, natural, a professional hardscape landscape design will look like it belongs there.
4.       Unless, of course, you want to show off. If you’re really looking to make an impression on your neighbors or on passers-by, then hardscaping is the way to go.  Nothing invites people to stare at your yard more than a professionally installed fountain right in the middle of it.

The truth is, hardscape designs can be anything you want them to be.  Even if your yard isn’t as large as you’d like it to be, you can still use hardscapes in the overall designs.  Our most popular residential landscape designs include hardscapes of some kind:

·         Pavers or stone walkways
·         Low walls for showcasing flowers
·         Smaller decks or patios
·         Brick fire pits or grill pits
·         Water features, like ponds or fountains

Still not convinced?  Better give Jersey Landscaping, LLC a call.  We’re bound to find something that works for your yard and your budget.  You can always take a look through the photo gallery, too, to get some ideas before you come in.

For the hottest looks this year, consider hardscape landscaping.  It’s always a sure bet!

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