Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jersey Landscaping: Time to Landscape Around the Pool!

We are just weeks away from Summer, and I can’t wait! My sister-in-law and I were talking on the phone the other day about opening our pools, and that’s when it hit me: I should really get some landscape around my pool, because it’ll stand out like a sore thumb otherwise. I got right on the phone with my favorite designers at Jersey Landscaping, LLC to see what they recommended. And as usual, they came up with some terrific ideas for pool patio designs for my in-ground pool AND my sister-in-law’s above ground pool!

Need some ideas for swimming pool landscaping? Here are some things to remember:

-          Get to the “root” of it all: Whatever you do, avoid trees with invasive root systems. It doesn’t matter if your pool is in the ground or above it: roots can do some serious damage. So any pool landscape ideas you come up with should include foliage that won’t crack concrete or push up through the bottom and into the liner.
-          “Leave” mess behind: Shrubs, big plants and trees all drop their leaves twice a year. That means those leaves might drop right onto your pool cover, causing unnecessary strain.
-          Keep the pool painless: Roses are beautiful, sure – but do you really want them anywhere near kids? If you opt for a natural landscape around the pool without stone or pavers, you need to be prepared for some muddy feet. Those muddy feet can slip, and the last thing you want is for someone to end up in the rose bushes.
-          Expand the patio: The newest pool patio designs are more than just wooden decks. For a really spectacular look, talk to a professional about using the hearty Bluestone to create a special pool patio. Designs can include rock walls, waterfalls (if you’ve got some dough), or pavers that lead swimmers down a specific path to the pool.
-          Make it match: Keep your swimming pool landscaping consistent with the rest of your décor. If you have an elaborate backyard that features hardscapes, fountains or a large koi pond, ask your contractor about how best to blend the landscape around your pool with already existing designs. If your yard is full of flowers, then see which flowers are hearty enough to stand up to some chlorinated water. Also, “bee” careful: flowers that attract bees should be NOWHERE near your pool. Ever. Neither should plants that attract a lot of pests, because the last thing you want is to have to spray toxic chemicals anywhere near your pool.
There are just a few of the many pool landscaping ideas you might use. And remember: just because your pool is above ground doesn’t mean you can’t landscape around it – especially if you plan on keeping that pool for as long as you live there. So go on and give Jersey Landscaping, LLC a call! You’ll be glad you did.

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