Monday, April 23, 2012

Jersey Landscaping: Beautiful Bluestone Landscaping

I was stuck indoors all day today, doing my annual “spring cleaning” – but I really wanted to be in my backyard. See, after my favorite landscapers at Jersey Landscaping,LLC finished my outdoor kitchen, I realized that the rest of my yard was looking a little frumpy. So I called up Jersey Landscaping again to talk about landscaping with stone, to give my yard some “oomph.” I had done some research about Bluestone landscaping, and before I knew it the designers had come up with some terrific landscape designs. My NJ yard looks AMAZING!

So why Bluestone landscaping, you ask?

It’s Local: I had a lot of concern about embarking on the path of landscape design. NJ residents will be happy to know that most Bluestone is quarried in nearby NY and PA, so by installing it you’re supporting American jobs. Plus, being close by means that shipping costs are kept down (meaning less money out of my pocket) and less gas is used (which is better for the environment).

It’s Beautiful: Let’s be honest: landscaping with stone is a big investment. If I’m going to shell out some dough for a whole new yard, I want it to look good – REALLY good. And Bluestone landscaping looks sooo good! The colors vary by depth, meaning that the deeper the quarry, the more uniquely colored your Bluestones will be. Some local NJ landscape designs make all of the homes in my area look the same – but with Bluestone, you’re guaranteed to have a landscape that stands out from everyone else’s.

It’s Natural: I love natural stone, because it looks like it belongs in my yard. Bluestone landscaping really pops, but not in a “fake” looking way. It complements local flowers and plants perfectly – as if it was a part of your yard all along. Landscaping with stone accents looks classy and chic, but in a way that isn’t as jarring as non-natural pieces often do.

It’s Resilient: When you’re landscaping with stone, you need one that holds up in harsh conditions. One of the benefits of using Bluestone in landscaping is that it’s a really “tough” natural stone. It’s a dense material that’s impervious to freezing and thawing cycles, which makes it a great stone for areas with more severe weather. A word to the wise, though: Bluestone is also porous, so if you don’t seal it properly it may lose some of its color and luster over time.

It’s Diverse: When it comes to landscape designs for NJ homes, you want something that matches your own sense of style. You can use Bluestone in landscaping in a number of different ways. Bluestone makes great pavers and patios, and it’s safe to use around pools. If your NJ landscape design is for a smaller space, Bluestone can make some incredible accent pieces.

Landscaping with stone was definitely the right choice for me – and I bet it’s the right choice for you! If you’re considering Bluestone landscaping, it’s time to give my friends at Jersey Landscaping, LLC a call. They’re talk and walk you through everything you need to know about installing natural stone hardscapes and/or accents to your yard(s). I’ll bet you anything you’ll love your new outdoor living space as much as I do!

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