Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jersey Landscaping : The Benefits of Natural Pesticide

I’ve been reading up on organic lawncare lately. Now that the warmer months are here, I want to spend as much time as I can in my yard as I can. But now I have a little nephew to think of – a nephew who’s at that age where he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth.  And if part of what he puts in his mouth comes from my backyard – and we all know it will be – then I want to make sure that he’s not ingesting any chemicals.  So I called up my friends at JerseyLandscaping LLC for some information about using natural pesticides in my yard – and as always, they were unbelievably helpful!

I found out that there’s a lot going on in the world of organic lawn treatment – and all of it’s good.

·         Safety First! Less toxic chemicals means a happier, healthier planet for all of us! By using natural pesticides and organic practices, you don’t have to worry about the effects of chemicals on your, your loved ones or your pets.  You can roll around in the grass all day and be safe and healthy – as long as you don’t mind some dirt on your clothes.  Plus, using natural pesticides means that toxins won’t leak into the groundwater, which has a long term effect on your health and well-being.

·         Sustainability! Organic lawn treatments help more than just the water supply – they keep the soil healthy, too.  Healthy soil is nutrient rich, which leads to greener, healthier lawns.  Plus, it’s far less like to erode. Using natural pesticides encourages healthy soil.

·         Conservation! Did you know that chemicals force you to use more water? By using natural pesticides, you don’t need to water as often – or mow as often, either.  That reduces the amount of money to have to spend all around.  Plus, organic lawncare encourages recycling and reduces greenhouse gases. So by starting organic lawn treatments, you’re fighting the war on global warming, all while keeping a few extra bucks in your pockets.

·         Peace and Quiet! Think about it: all those machines – including your own lawnmower and sprinkler system – make an awful racket. Starting an organic lawn treatment system means getting to hear the birds chirp, so your yard can become your “home away from home.”

·         Awareness! If we want to keep our planet healthy for future generations, we need to start with ourselves. Organic lawncare is an easy and affordable step in the right direction.  Plus, it increases our own awareness about the chemicals and practices we employ in other parts of our lives.

Being ecologically minded is a good thing. You can keep your gorgeous yard while giving back to the environment in a safe and healthy way.  The professionals at JerseyLandscaping, LLC can help you begin organic lawn treatments for your home. Give them a call today!

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