Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jersey Landscaping: New Landscape Ideas for Outdoor Living

It’s summer time! And at Jersey Landscaping, LLC that means one really important thing: creating new landscape ideas for you to enjoy while you’re having fun in the sun. We’ve come up with some incredible outdoor living ideas that really pop, and that allow you to enjoy your yards in a new and exciting ways. So if you’re in the market for some new landscaping ideas, let us help! We can create some cool looking spaces that the whole family will love.

·         Modern Fixtures: If you’re looking for new landscaping ideas on a smaller budget, updating your fixtures is a great start! Replacing or adding outdoor lights can change the whole look of a yard by creating a new atmosphere.
·         Seasonal Flowers: Do all of your flowers bloom and then die at the same time? Then it might be time to consider planting new ones. Landscaping services in NJ can help you find a terrific mix of flowers and plants that bloom during different seasons, so that your outdoor spaces always look alive.
·         Natural Stone: Some of the most beautiful outdoor living area ideas are the ones that center on hardscapes. Replacing old, discolored, cracked pavers with newer ones not only adds color to your yard, but is also safer for everyone who walks on them.
·         Fire Pits: Want to combine new landscaping ideas with a trip down memory lane? Install a fire pit in the backyard. We can customize the design to fit your needs, while creating a space that can be used all year ‘round. Plus, fire pits are really relaxing, and if they’re properly maintained they’ll last for years to come.
·         Pool Patios: Don’t forget your pool when you’re dreaming up new landscape ideas. Whether your pool is above ground or in-ground, we’ve got some modern outdoor living ideas to include your swimming hole in the overall design. We know which stones will hold up over time, and which will keep people safe while they’re walking around the pool.
·         Reading Nook: All landscaping services in NJ know that it’s important to have an area of your yard that’s a little secluded, so that you can unwind from a long day. One of the newest landscaping ideas right now creates a little space that’s separated from the rest of the yard, sometimes by natural stone or by bamboo, which allows you to sit peacefully without distractions. It’s a great space to read the newspaper over a cup of coffee, or just watch the birds and butterflies flit about.

At Jersey Landscaping, LLC, we’ve got some terrific outdoor living ideas to make your yard as beautiful – and as versatile – as you need it to be. As one of the premiere landscaping services in NJ, it’s our pleasure to create a yard that you’ll love, no matter how large or small it is. So if you want to hear about some cool new landscape ideas, give us a call. We’ve got you covered!

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