Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jersey Landscaping : Outdoor Home Improvements

It’s summer time and the living is easy—unless, of course, you have been waiting all year for summer to arrive so that you can tackle some home improvement projects. In that case, your work is just beginning! Don’t fret though—there are some outdoor home improvement projects that will enhance the appearance of your home while minimizing the amount of time you spend sweating in the hot sun!

—Pressure wash the house: Homeowners know their houses will get dirty—there’s no avoiding it—but accept it as a fact of life because washing a house isn’t as easy as washing a car. Well, that is true, but pressure washing the house is certainly something you can accomplish on your own with a minimal investment and in a minimal amount of time. Pressure washers retail for as little as $100 and will quite literally make your house look like new.

—Paint the house: Maybe not the whole thing, but touching up the areas of the house seen most often by visitors—the outside stairs, porches and decks—will really make your home stand out from the rest. This is also something you can accomplish in the early morning or post-dinner hours, before and after the hottest temperatures of the day.

—Stain the house: If you don’t want to paint the house, a good staining of the decks, porches and stairs can bring out the natural color of the wood and protect it from the elements in the same amount of time it takes to paint those parts of the property.

—And of course, landscape! Don’t forget to feed, weed and fertilize your flower beds, vegetable garden, or any other water feature or landscape design you want to keep looking its best all year long.

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