Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jersey Landscaping : Home Improvement Projects for the Outdoors

Home improvement projects don’t have to just take place inside! Indeed, you can put the summer months to good use by handling some projects in the front of the house that will make your property “pop” to visitors and make it feel like new to you as well! Here are some suggestions for outdoor home improvement projects to embark upon as the weather heats up:

—Pave the driveway. This is probably something you’ll have to hire somebody to complete, but few things enhance the appearance of a house as quickly as a freshly paved driveway. Add to the ambiance with paving stones along the edge of your new driveway or consider some decorative shrubbery or plantings at each corner.

—Build a new walkway. Looking for something to liven up the front yard? How about a walkway leading to the front door? You can use a variety of paving stones, in a myriad of colors and shapes. Either way, you’ll have a conversation piece for visitors—and, depending on where you place the walkway, a smaller lawn to mow!

—Build a low decorative wall or walls on each side of the driveway or renovate the ones that you already have. This is a project that will take most of the summer if you are building the walls from scratch, but what an eye-catcher it will be when it’s complete! This is something you’ll have as much fun planning as executing as you decide what kind of rock or stone should be featured in the wall.

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