Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jersey Landscaping : Lawn Care In New Jersey

Lawn care in New Jersey is a more challenging endeavor than in other areas of the country. For better or worse, we get all four seasons here, which means our lawns take a beating in the winter and the spring and can endure feast or famine conditions during the long, hot and often dry summer. But don’t let Mother Nature intimidate you—New Jersey lawn care can be far more invigorating than frustrating!

Taking care of lawns in New Jersey requires attentiveness and determination. There can be no letting up in the upkeep and maintenance of the lawn once the elements attack it. That means constant raking of leaves and branches in the fall as well as cleaning the lawn once winter is over and picking up branches following windy days in the spring. Come summer, if drought-like conditions exist, homeowners must religiously water their lawns to ensure the grass and plants don’t die or consider one of the many options available for New Jersey residential irrigation systems installation.

Lawns that are free of debris will grow much faster—and remain healthier looking—than those that are strewn with debris. Lawn care in New Jersey certainly isn’t easy, but paying constant attention to your property will allow you to have a lawn you are proud of year-round!

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