Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Jersey Landscaping : Designing the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen

I have to admit it: I’m in love with my new outdoor kitchen!  Besides getting me some much needed fresh air, I’m almost positive that everything just tastes better.  (Or maybe it’s just that the clean-up is so much easier!)  The experts at Jersey Landscaping came up with some amazing outdoor kitchen ideas to create the perfect combination of form and function any Grillin’ Gal could hope for. 

What about your own outdoor kitchen designs?  Look no further for some new ideas!

·         The Grill:  What outdoor kitchen is complete without one?  The best part about the grill is that YOU choose what kind of grill you want.  Need a side burner?  That can be done.  Want a corn-on-the-cob rack?  Easy-peasy!  Need a drawer for utensils?  Absolutely possible.  Since the basis of your outdoor kitchen is, most likely, the place where you cook your food, a good grill that fits your needs is essential.
·         The Fridge:  Wouldn’t it be nice to keep all of your condiments and accoutrements right outside with you?  The latest outdoor kitchen designs feature small – or large – refrigerators built right into the design.  Not only do they save space in the fridge in your home, but they keep you engaged in the conversation during backyard BBQs and parties.
·         The Sink: I’m a paper plate girl myself, but sometimes heartier fare demands heartier dinner ware.  Whether you’re making a rack of ribs or a dozen T-bones, having a sink nearby keeps your mess to a minimum.  Plus, you and your guests can keep trash to a minimum by rinsing and reusing cups and utensils.
·         The Storage: The best outdoor kitchen ideas are the ones that help you enjoy your time outside the most, regardless of who’s there.  When you’re planning your outdoor kitchen, don’t forget to include storage space for plates, utensils, cups and paper goods.  Some designers even feature a hideaway trash can, just like in some homes.
·         The Bar: You’ve got the sink; you’ve got the ice; you’ve got the cups.  All you need is the bar to keep the drinks flowing!  Some outdoor kitchen designs feature built-in ice holders, or places to keep certain types of drinks away from younger guests and family members.

The truth is, your outdoor kitchen can be anything you want it to be!  Larger yards (and larger budgets) might feature top-of-the-line appliances or lighting, while smaller spaces are ideal for grills and fire pits.  Just remember: the most important part of any good outdoor kitchen design is YOU!

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