Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jersey Landscaping : How to Prepare your Landscape for Winter

The weather is changing.  It feels as though we just started fall and already it’s cold enough to be winter on some days.  As I have spent many years trying to beautify my landscape, I dread this time of year due to the amount of work involved – however it makes a difference.  There is so much clean up to be done before the NJ winter sets in and freezes over my property.  I have found that the better I prepare my lawn for winter, the better my spring landscape will look.  In the quest for the best NJ landscaping on my block, I have finally come up with a plan on how to prepare my lawn for winter!

What should I do to prepare my landscape for winter?

  • Remove leaves that cover grass or plantings – since leaves can suffocate the underlying areas, they should be removed by blowing or raking away
  • Remove plants that did not make it – sometimes weather and  location do not agree with the plant
  • Prune overgrown shrubs – enhances the natural growth
  • Remove branch limbs that have fallen – limbs coverings can also cause suffocation
  • Winterized your sprinklers – with temperatures dropping, water should be drained
  • Apply a winter feed fertilizer to your lawn – this provides nutrients that will help growth in the spring
 ALL of these steps are all critical in establishing a healthy and well kept nj landscape for winter and the following seasons.

Now take a look around at your clean outdoor areas - you are ready to consider your options for landscaping winter ideas!  Stay warm inside dreaming of what you will plant in the spring.  Let the fun begin – Jersey Landscaping can provide more ideas and tips on how to prepare your landscape for winter and beyond.

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