Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jersey Landscaping : Light Up Your New Jersey Landscape Design with a Fire Pit

What better way to usher in autumn's chilly weather than by relaxing outdoors huddled around a flickering fire?  Of course for most of us, just piling up wood somewhere in the yard and starting a fire is not exactly the best option. An open fire is hard to control and is a real mess to clean up. You need a place that helps control the fire, and that’s safe and easy to clean up.  Homeowners who want the pleasures of an outside fire have discovered the value of a patio fire pit.

These days, homeowners are increasing the value of their homes and improving the relaxation potential of their backyards with fire pit landscaping. Patio fire pits offer a cozy natural gathering place where friends and family can roast marshmallows, drink nightcaps or simply gaze at the flames in solitary meditation. Patio fire pits, and those installed on your deck or elsewhere in your backyard, make it possible for you to enjoy an outdoor oasis night after night right in your own backyard. And with a wide variety of styles available to choose from, there's sure to be an outdoor fire pit that will suit your taste and complement your overall residential landscape design. 

So, what exactly is a fire pit? It’s basically any structure that contains and controls an exterior fire. Most fire pits are one to two feet high, and can be built in any shape desired by you and your residential landscape design company.  Although circular tends to be the most common shape, square, rectangular or even irregular structures can be attractive in different settings. Some fire pits burn wood and others burn propane or other gas. When you’re deciding which to go with, you’ll discover both types have pros and cons. Gas pits are instant start - instant stop, which is an excellent safety feature.  They’re easier to clean up because there are no ashes to dispose of, and they don’t leave you smelling like smoke after you’ve spent time near it. But the requirement of substantial pipe fitting and professional hookups for safety end up making gas pits quite expensive. Wood pits offer the look and feel of a true campfire. All you need is some fire wood and a spark, and you’re on your way. Of course, wood pits require a lot more nurturing and attention to keep the flames going.

Ultimately, how simple or elaborate the outdoor fire pit is will be determined mostly by your taste and budget. Whether you have your heart set on a simple outdoor fire pit or want to jazz up your outdoor space with enhanced features like an outdoor stone fireplace, statuary, stone wall or complete outdoor kitchen, New Jersey landscape design company Jersey Landscaping will work with you to create the landscape and hardscape you’ve always dreamed of -- and at a cost you can afford.

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