Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jersey Landscaping : Keeping Deer out of Your NJ Landscape

One of the most common challenges any homeowner faces, regardless of where he or she lives, is keeping deer off the yard. A misplaced deer can do a season’s worth of damage, or more, in just a few minutes. Don’t let your New Jerseylandscaping efforts go to waste—following a few rules will go a long way towards keeping these gorgeous but pesky animals away from your plants and gardens!

—Make sure your most valuable plants and gardens are surrounded by a fence at least 10 feet high. There’s no need to build yourself a fortress by erecting a 10-foot high fence around the entire house, but make sure to protect your valuable plants and gardens. The fences need to be sturdy, obviously, and also entrenched in the ground so that the deer can’t burrow in and sneak through small holes.

—Welcome the deer into your backyard—with food that is located far from your favorite plants and gardens. There’s nothing wrong with meeting the deer halfway, so to speak, especially in the more rural areas of New Jersey where deer are plentiful. Place deer-friendly foods such as apples, corn, mushrooms, nuts, peas and sweet potatoes in your yard but far away from the areas you are trying to protect.

—Use a combination of motion sensors and compact discs as a deer deterrent. Sounds like an odd deer prevention team, but the motion sensors will flash a light at the deer after sunset and a compact disc aimed at them during the day will send them running in the other direction.

You’ve worked hard to make your New Jersey landscaping something to be proud of. Don’t let the deer ruin it—protect your plants and flowers with these simple tips today!

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