Monday, August 13, 2012

Jersey Landscaping: Outdoor Gas Firepits Make a Yard Come Alive

So have you noticed how incredibly popular outdoor gas firepits are becoming? Because at Jersey Landscaping, LLC it’s what we’re the most excited about right now. We’ve been creating cool backyard landscapes with custom fire pits for a long time, but we’re pretty psyched that our clients are thinking about making the leap from wood to gas. We get an awful lot of people calling us up to see if hiring a professional service for installation is really necessary.

Here’s the answer: yes. Yes, it is.

When it comes to backyard fire pits, designs created by inexperienced homeowners often lead to a world of trouble. There’s a LOT of planning and development that goes into creating landscapes – especially ones that involve outdoor gas firepits. Besides the ever-present risk of going over budget (as a lot of homeowners seem to do), you have to deal with township permits, utility lines, and trying to fit in the construction when you’re actually home to do it. That’s a lot to handle.

So why not let your favorite landscapers in Monmouth County, NJ handle the details?  Then all you’ll have to do is sit back and relax around your new custom fire pits without worrying if you’ve done it all correctly.

The Right Outdoor Fire Pits and Designs for You

If you’re still not convinced that hiring a professional is the best way to go, then let us prove it to you.  Installing outdoor gas fire pits is tricky if you’ve not a licensed landscaper. We’ve compiled some reasons why this type of work should be left to a landscaping service.

1.       We’ll save you money. I know it seems like landscaping costs a lot, but the truth is you’ll save some dough by hiring a certified designer/contractor. We know how much outdoor gas fire pits cost. We know how to work with gas lines. We know which materials last the longest. Ultimately, we know how get you more bang for your buck.
2.       The paperwork can be killer. Ask any landscapers in Monmouth County, NJ and they’ll tell you that individual townships can charge a pretty penny for permits – and some of them require more than one. So by hiring a professional, you’ll not only save yourself from the aggravation of paperwork, but you might even get to keep a few extra pennies in your pocket. We know which permits need to be filled out for our custom fire pits as well as how long it’ll take to get permission to begin work.
3.       Utility lines are dangerous. Unless you’re a licensed electrician or a plumber, the chances are good that you might do some damage to your utility lines during installation. When we create spaces for backyard fire pits, our designs take utility lines into consideration. We know which tools are the safest for working with or around them, too. And if – goodness forbid – something DOES go wrong, you’re covered by our insurance. That won’t be the case if you damage the lines yourself.
4.       We work within your current landscape. Professionals can tell the difference between bluestone and limestone just by giving them a quick glance. We know how tall your trees will get, how wide your shrubs will become, and which flowers will clash with your design. We look carefully at all of your hardscape designs, like rocks walls or patios, to create the best possible look for your new addition.

Why not enjoy the end of the summer by relaxing at home? At Jersey Landscaping, LLC we’ll sweat the small (and big!) stuff so you don’t have to. Whether you want a solitary fire pit or one surrounded by gorgeous pavers, our backyard firepit designs are sure to suit your needs.. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

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